literally “Vineyards”, is a popular Prague residential area founded in the 19th century and yes, it is located in former vineyards. A district with an enormous concentration of cafés, pubs, wine cellars, farmers markets, and restaurants offer a variety of the world´s  cuisines; Czech, Mediterranean, even Asian.  With the exception of the historical center, Vinohrady is the best place to stay during your Prague holiday, or even spend a couple of months or years as an international student or an ex-patriot.


So, what do you think are the best wine bars in Vinohrady?

Vote and add yours in the comments below!

And our nominees are:

  1. Vínečko 33, (Budečská)

  2. Cellarius (Budečská)

  3. Vinárna Prosekárna (Slezská)

  4. Hospůdka u Palečka (Nitranská)

  5. Restaurace Equilibrista (Budečská)

  6. Kavárna Ráno kávu večer víno (Kodaňská)

  7. Jiná Krajina (Kodaňská)

  8. Víno u Ály ( u Vinohradského pavilonu)

  9. Pavillon du Vin (Mánesova)

  10. Bacaro (Vinohradská)


P. S.

Our excuses for the ones who recognized pictures from the St. Wenceslas Vineyards (Prague Castle) and yes, there will be a special article dedicated to this topic!