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Tour guide in English ( full time )

We went with Veronika on two separate day trips out of Prague. She arranged a visit to Terezin, the concentration camp complex which is about an hour’s drive.  She arranged a tour of the camp with a local guide who was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. It’s a day to learn about history. Our best day was a day trip to Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) and her home time of Loket. Carlsbad is the most amazing place to visit. We drank from the natural springs and walked the amazing town. We were concerned that going there would not be enough for one day, so Veronika arranged a visit to the town she grew up in – Loket. It has an old, old castle from the 1300’s. It’s an amazing day and she took us to a locals restaurant for lunch. Much to see and a wonderful day. What made it all extra enjoyable was Veronika’s personality – very outgoing, cheerful, smiling – she enjoys what she’s doing. She speaks English beautifully, having been an au pair in the USA in her teens.

Peter K. , California, USA
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we are happy that you are considering us to be your guides! We specialize in private tours but we all work for reliable tour guide agencies that provide “join in” tours. Therefore, we can reserve a place for you on a group tour or provide a private tour. “Is a group tour or a private tour more suitable for me?” you may ask. Well, it really depends on what type of traveller you are. Are you a solo traveller, a student, a backpacker who wants to meet a lot of new friends, or are you on a budget? The group tour would be a good option for you. But what if you travel with kids and you don´t want to be limited by a tight schedule? Do you have a mobility issue or are you, an elderly traveller? A private tour will be more comfortable and safer for you. Do you wish to discover sites off the beaten paths? In this case, hire your personal tour guide. Whether you choose a private or a join-in tour, I will be there to assist you in making the right choice before you even buy a flight ticket to the Czech Republic!

Veronika Magdalena Jonczy, DiS.

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