300 CHURCHES IN THE CAPITAL OF THE MOST ATHEIST COUNTRY? There are 1000 spires in Prague and almost a fifth of them belong to churches. So many churches… but did you know that according to statistics, out of all the democratic countries, ours is the one with the highest population of atheists? However, there is another statistic saying that Czechs are the biggest beer consumers. It seems that they replaced churches with beer pubs and that those are the places where you find friends and soul mates. Even sporty people go for a drink or two after biking or jogging. After all, they say that our beer is really an energy drink, loaded with minerals and vitamins. You find more friends here over a pint of beer than you would find in a church. On the other hand, there is a study by doctor PhDr. Zdeněk R. Nešpor, Ph.D., saying […]


A big variety of food, sweets, drinks and the best beer – we have it all! What is the Czech cuisine like? Czech cuisine is similar to the cuisine of its neighboring countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia). Meals are hearty and rich to warm up in the winter season. The Czech Republic has a wide selection of field crops, fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat. A popular activity is to pick mushrooms so you can find them added to many dishes. Soup is a must! As the Czechs say,  soup is the Grund (base) and it is an important part of the Czech cuisine. Traditional soups are thick and rich. The most typical ones are potato soup, garlic soup, goulash soup, tripe soup, bean soup, cabbage soup with sausage, beef broth with liver dumplings and noodles, garlic soup with ham, and mushroom soup. And what about the main course?  Meat The meat, […]


Transportation in Prague Prague is in the middle of Europe, it is a landlocked country surrounded by Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia. The central European infrastructure is excellent, you have many ways how to get to Prague. Arriving in Prague: You can come by train, bus or by air. The central bus and metro stations have signs in both Czech and English, and most of the staff speak English at a decent level. Prague International Airport won an award as the best airport among the new EU members, and English is the second most spoken language among the staff there.   IF YOU FLY TO PRAGUE: Prague Airport How to get there:  Direct public bus ( Airport Express t AE ) from the Main train station or Metro line A to station Nádraží Veleslavín and then by bus 119. Prague Airport Václav Havel is an international transit airport located in […]


What are the must-see places in Prague? And what if you’ve only got 24 hours? There is a join-in tour which covers the main attractions of Prague and it’s called Prague All In One Tour. It´s a brief Prague introduction and it takes 6 hrs with lunch and river cruise brakes. For a private tour ( to book tour with me or my colleagues), you should book your guide in advance because they have a pretty tight schedule, especially in the high season. Take the tour or either follow the itinerary on your own and spend more time at each place. In 6 hrs you can only see the exteriors, to see interiors, reserve the whole day or two!  Let´s get started! This itinerary is designed for a more relaxed experience. 9:30 Hotel pick up or taking a tram to the Prague Castle District 10:00 Strahov Monastery, View from the vineyard, Libraries […]


No, we didn´t make a mistake in the title. Have you ever heard about the town of hundred spires? You probably have, right? But did you know there are more then 1000 of them if you count them properly? Have you heard of the land, where the beer  is cheaper than water? Where you can hear music on every corner and find a gallery on every square? What are we talking about? We are talking about  the magic Prague and the beautiful Czech Republic, of course! Let us help you to explore the famous churches, palaces, bridges, concert halls, narrow streets,  pubs and friendly people! And why to choose us as for your tours? Because we are licensed, knowledgeable, enthusiastic tour guides and most importantly we are native Czechs! But first let us tell you something about this Jewel among European towns! Praha / Prague / Praga / Prag is the capital […]


 Vinohrady literally “Vineyards”, is a popular Prague residential area founded in the 19th century and yes, it is located in former vineyards. A district with an enormous concentration of cafés, pubs, wine cellars, farmers markets, and restaurants offer a variety of the world´s  cuisines; Czech, Mediterranean, even Asian.  With the exception of the historical center, Vinohrady is the best place to stay during your Prague holiday, or even spend a couple of months or years as an international student or an ex-patriot.   So, what do you think are the best wine bars in Vinohrady? Vote and add yours in the comments below! And our nominees are: Vínečko 33, (Budečská) Cellarius (Budečská) Vinárna Prosekárna (Slezská) Hospůdka u Palečka (Nitranská) Restaurace Equilibrista (Budečská) Kavárna Ráno kávu večer víno (Kodaňská) Jiná Krajina (Kodaňská) Víno u Ály ( u Vinohradského pavilonu) Pavillon du Vin (Mánesova) Bacaro (Vinohradská)   P. S. Our excuses for the […]